Initially planned in December, the Paris in Love Film Festival has also suffered the twists and turns of the health crisis and had to be postponed to spring.

We now hope to see you from May 7th to 17th to discover online short films that, we hope, will satisfy the movie lovers and serial fans that you are. The program includes dramas, romances, thrillers and other genre films; love remains the main theme of the selection.

Discover below the competition’s award categories and the selection.


Grand Prize – Best Short Film – Tatoués by Jean-Baptiste Dusséaux
Best French Film Award – Nouveau Départ by Jean-Baptiste Delannoy
Best First Film Award – Leo by Fabienne Mahé
Best International Film Award – Hide and Sniff by Kousuke Hishinuma
Best Screenplay – Hide and Sniff by Kousuke Hishinuma
Best Film Score – Hammock, Olexander Ignation, Russell Frederick, Sigur Ros for 5 hours, 39 minutes, 25 seconds
Best Photography – Aurélien Marra for Plein Noir
Best Actress – Maud Bettina-Marie in Nouveau Départ
Best Actor – Bamar Kane in My Little Black Girl
Best Documentary – Making of Making Nothing by Barbara Erni
Best animation – Once upon a time by Vincent Scalera


The short film represents the future in the sense that it often corresponds to the first steps of a director. This year we were particularly enthusiastic about the films proposed and we decided to select 18 films for the official competition.

Online screenings from May 7th to 17th and announcement of the winners during an online awards ceremony on May 17th in the evening.

A Fresh Start – French film by Jean-Baptiste Delannoy
Once Upon A Time – French film by Vincent Scalera
Tatooed – French film by Jean-Baptiste Dusséaux
L’Instant T – french film by Raphaël Thet
January 14th – American film by La’Chris Jordan
The Camel Boy – French film by Chabname Zariâb
The Dark Web – American film by Andres Di Bono
Alix – French film by Juliette Le Henanff
A Women’s World – Romanian film by Ciprian Gavriliu
5 hours, 39 minutes, 25 seconds – Spanish film by Tomas Rojo and Santiago Rindel
A Spot – French film by Arthur Bacry
Tout va bien – French film by Antoine Sedik
My Little Black Girl – French film by Bamar Kane
First Kiss – American film by Caroline Patz
Hide & Sniff – Japanese film by Kousuke Hishinuma
Leo – French film by Fabienne Mahé
Making of Making Nothing – German film by Barbara Erni
Love Me Tender – French film by Juliette Blanche


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