What is below is an explanation of rules and terms concerning the submission of a short (called “the project”) to Lex Publishing (called “the society”) to participate to the 2020 Paris In Love Film Festival (hereinafter called “the festival”). All the information contained in this document replace all other information given concerning the submission to the festival.

By accepting terms and conditions of this page, the person submitting the project (called “the applicant”) recognizes he or she received the consent of all the owners, creators, writers, producers and / or others representants authorized of the project (hereinafter called “Owners of the project”) whose consent is required to submit the project to the society and that they have all read and understood the terms and conditions of the submission that are set out below:

Submissions: We will receive numerous submissions but just those who are going to be selected will be posted. The applicant accepts that by submitting and paying submission fees, his/her submitted project could not be selected. Submitted projects that don’t meet the requirements or don’t respect terms, rules or regulation are not the responsibility of the society or of the festival. These submissions can be automatically disqualified without any reimbursement of submission fees. To be taking into consideration for the festival, the applicant has to submit his/her application through FilmFreeway accessible here : https://filmfreeway.com. All creators are bound to respect all deadlines before and after the selection.

Eligibility: There is no restriction on the participation to the festival, whether you are beginners or professionals, you are invited to participate to the Paris in Love Film Festival. All projects must be submitted to the festival before November 10th 2020 and all submissions are definitive, without any reimbursement available. Once your project has been submitted for participation, it can not be withdrawn. All submissions are equally considering by the festival’s committee. All shorts, regardless of their genre and format, with a maximum duration of 60 minutes will be accepted by the festival.
To subscribe your project in the «Best Director» category, you also have to submit your project to one of the main categories.
For all submissions the language of your movie doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, if it is not in French, your film has to have subtitles in English or French. We accept projects produced in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Selection: At the end of the selection’s process of the festival, the society will try to contact the applicant by using the contact information given in the submission form in order to inform the applicant of the project status. The society is not responsible in case of failure to contact the applicant by using the contact information provided in the submission form. That is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the contact information is correct during all the selection’s period of the festival. If your film is selected for a projection at the festival: • Subtitles are optional if your film is in French • All other films will be presented in the original language but will have to contain subtitles in English or in French.

Full Ownership : It is only the responsibility of the applicant to protect all project’s content from reclamation or legal issues real or potential, including without any limitation, reclamations based on theories, or defamation, libel, calumny, invasion of privacy, violation of rights or publicity, robbery or commercial secret, breach of trust, breach of confidential relationship and breach of explicit or implied contract (“third party claims”). The society is not responsible and will not be taking as responsible for any unauthorised inclusion of all content, material or element of registered trademark in or related to the project submitted, including all material, content or element that is or can become the base of any third party claims based on one of the legal principles mentioned above. The society reserves the right to disqualify, without any reimbursement of every or a part of the submission fees previously perceived from the applicant, any project that is or can be related to a third-party claim.In the case where any third party claim would be claimed by someone or an entity, the applicant will compensate and totally exonerate the society, the festival and each of their representants and affiliated member from the liability and from any fees, including but without any limits, attorney fee, to which it would otherwise be exposed.

Content of the submission: All the types of content described below will be take into account for our selection. We consider all types of content until they have a purely pornographic nature. Media containing incitement to hatred, homophobia, transphobia or any other discriminatory contents will be immediately disqualified. Nudity, violence, or other identified inappropriate content will be examined to determine if they have an artistic justification and if they can fit the scope of the festival, at the sole discretion of the festival. We encourage any type of art and don’t want to discourage any project within reasonable limits.

Publicity: By submitting the project, the applicant accepts that the festival can award him/her a prize corresponding to a category and so that the festival can show the project or extracts of it in publicities related to the festival, online and print. The applicant has to be conscient that by submitting the project he/she transfers all the necessary rights to the festival in order for the festival to have every legal right to show the project or its extracts for all purposes. The promotion can include online and social media campaigns on, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube and print campaigns like advertising posters or media campaigns.

Rights of the festival: The society and the festival deny expressively and are not responsible for promises regarding the offer of distribution. It is only an event and channel so that the applicant submits the project at the exposure and pleasure of the public. The society doesn’t have to give to the applicant, or any others representants of the project, comments or feedbacks concerning the submitted project, any information related to the way the project is, will or has been examined ; any opinion that the society or an examiner of the project can have concerning the project ; any reasons explaining why it has not been accepted, if this is the case ; or any other information related to the exam process and/or to the selection of the festival concerning specifically the project or the submissions generally beyond the information set out in the regulations.

Dates: The festival, the society or its affiliated members reserve the unique and exclusive right to change the dates and hours of viewing of the projects officially selected but also the dates of the festival, the diffusion mode as well as the different deadlines. The applicant recognizes and accepts that the society, the festival and its affiliated members don’t have any control on the natural disasters, natural acts and the emergency circumstances that could lead to changes in the dates and hours of the event. The society, the festival and its affiliated members will strive to inform, in good faith, the applicant of any changes of date or hours in advance, if possible.
The festival reserves the right to cancel the physical event in favor of an online session regarding the covid 19 situation or any other reason beyond our control.

Disqualification: The society reserves the unique and exclusive right to choose the works that will be presented, without any reimbursement of every or a part of the submission fees previously perceived. The society reserves the right to disqualify, without any reimbursement of every or a part of the submission fees previously perceived from the applicant, all project with a submission form considered as non-conform in reason of the non-payment of all or a part of the submission fees.