The 2020 selection in a few words

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UPDATE: Webscreenings are now over. From now on, it is with great pleasure that we share with you, until May 17th, the nuggets of our selection, 8 of which were directed by women. On the program, short films for all tastes: dramas, romances, thrillers and other genre films; but love is still the main theme of the selection.

The winners have been announced on May 17 in the evening. You can discover the results on the selection page.


Films in competition


A Fresh Start – Jean-Baptiste Delannoy (fiction)

In a café, a mother and her daughter have a meeting before the latter’s big departure. As usual, they say nothing to each other. Or a few trivial things. But what would this conversation be like if they knew how to talk to each other?

Full Black – Marine Louvet et Lucie Rico (fiction)

“A deserted beach and a sun that reaches its peak. Like every summer, Dune, Esther and Louis are spending their vacation together. But this summer is a little different. The sun is gone. Everything is getting dark…

Love Me Tender – Juliette Blanche (fiction)

“A teenage girl physically suffers the fate of being sequestered by her mother since her birth, but, discovering the erotic power of her body, she perceives her mother’s evil power and dares the unimaginable.

L’instant T – Raphaël Thet (fiction)

“Place Dauphine, a couple asks a passer-by to take their picture. But the moment he presses the shutter button, love strikes them, him, the woman and the camera’s sensor…”

January 14th – La’Chris Jordan (fiction)

A young black couple’s anniversary takes on a bitter taste when a police officer pulls the husband over for a questionable traffic stop. Inspired by real events.

The Dark Web – Andres Di Bono (fiction)

“A desperate father explores the depths of the notorious Dark Web to obtain a new heart for his ailing son. Faced with the loss of his family and perhaps more, he must answer the question: How far is he willing to go?”

Alix – Juliette Le Henanff (fiction)

“Alix, whose father has just died, returns to her native village to clear out the deceased’s belongings at the request of the town hall. Angry with him for twenty years, she learns to (re)know him, especially thanks to his last construction…”

A Women’s World – Ciprian Gavriliu (fiction)

“In a society where the power dynamics between the sexes have changed, a young woman sets out to buy a man to satisfy her pleasure and need for power while exploring the nostalgia of a traditional relationship.”

5 hours, 39 minutes, 25 seconds – Tomas Rojo & Santiago Rindel (fiction)

“When Damian is born, his health is very delicate. A nurse decides to place another baby by his side, and the improvement in his health is instantaneous. Many years later, he sets out to find this nurse, who surprisingly hides a big secret.”

A Spot – Arthur Bacry (fiction)

“A young, insecure woman takes her infant to the pediatrician for the first time. Late and rushed by her mother who is accompanying her, she tries to park her car despite her stress.”

Everything is fine – Antoine Sedik (fiction)

“Natalia, a Chilean student who has been living in France for a few years, explains to her mother by video call why she decides to return to Chile. Faced with her mother’s incomprehension, she shows a comfortable and pleasant life. However, this is not the reality of things…”

My Little Black Girl – Bamar Kane (fiction)

“Like every night, a dad put his little girl to bed in a moment of complicity, sweetness, passionate debates and nonsense. Tonight, the atmosphere is different. Painful events are affecting the world. It’s time for him to have a conversation with her.

First Kiss – Caroline Patz (fiction)

“A girl likes a boy. She desperately wants to kiss the boy. But on their third date, the one where they are supposed to seal the deal, the girl’s digestive system has other plans for the night.

Hide & Sniff – Kousuke Hishinuma (fiction)

” – Are you ready? Koki is racking his brain trying to win a game of hide-and-seek on his wife, Arika, who has a sensitive nose. One night, Arika senses a strange smell in Koki’s body. The change in her body odor begins to torment her. Meanwhile, Koki asks for a favor from her little sister Kasumi.”

Leo – Fabienne Mahé (fiction)

“As every Sunday evening, Leo has the visit of his two sisters for dinner. As usual, she has prepared nothing. But this night, she has a secret that she has difficulty to reveal.

Making of Making Nothing – Barbara Erni (documentary)

“The frequent visits to her elderly mother exhaust the director. Why couldn’t the two women create a bond of trust?”


Once Upon A Time – Vincent Scalera (animation)

“Who says princesses have to be saved?”